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Germany | Meet the 2019 Eurovision Workshop Artists (4-6)

Yesterday we met the first three performers that attended the Eurovision workshop set up by German broadcaster NDR in Cologne last week. The end goal for those attending the workshop is to represent Germany at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Between six and ten of the performers will earn a place on the German 2019 National Selection show 'Unser Lied für Tel Aviv' to air early next year.

Today we have another three singers to introduce you to - Diana N. Schneider, Aly Ryan and Sebastian Schub.

Diana N. Schneider was born on April 25th 1982 in Osnabrück and worked for a number of years as a singer before first appearing on TV on the ninth season of the German version of Big Brother in 2009 finishing fifth place. Whilst continuing to tour and perform at concerts as well as on her YouTube channel, between 2013 and 2017 Diana starred in over a thousand episodes of Reality Soap Opera 'Köln 50667'. In 2017 she left to pursue her music career, teaming up with Jay Oh - who won the ninth season of 'Das Supertalent' in 2015 - forming duo 'ZweiLand'. They have published a number of covers and original tracks on YouTube so check out the music video for original song 'Komm wir heben ab' below. Last year, in the lead up to 'Unser Lied für Lissabon', ZweiLand competed at the workshop as a duet - however this year it appears that Diana has gone solo.

Aly Ryan was born on September 24th 1995 in Germany to Russian correspondent parents meaning that she travelled extensively in her youth. At the age of 16, fluent in several languages and a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Aly moved to Los Angeles in a bid at stardom. Following a path of indie pop, her debut single 'No Parachute' became the second biggest pop song ever on streaming website SoundCloud. The song charted on the site at the top spot in Germany, Russia, France, New Zealand & the Netherlands for months whilst reaching the Top 10 in most other countries globally. Since then, she has also released an EP titled 'The Misfits' and has been featured by the popular YouTube cover channel Postmodern Jukebox singing a 50s Doo Wop cover of Lady Gaga's 'Million Reasons'. Check out her most recent single 'Be Alright' below.

Sebastian Schub was born in Hamburg in 1998. Now twenty, he's been living in London for the past 3 years and has successfully established himself as an up and coming talent. Since living in London he has performed many gigs touring local bars and pubs whilst also busking on the streets. NDR reported that he arrived to the workshop with his guitar as his luggage. In addition to his own YouTube channel he has also been featured on a number of music blogs and vlogs - giving performances of original music and covers on a number of different YouTube indie music channels. You can check out his most recent YouTube post below - a jamming session.

Which singer has been your favourite so far? Let us know in the comments below or via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube and check back tomorrow for the next batch of German singers!

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