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Spain | Road to 2019: Operación Triunfo Gala 2

Last night, Operación Triunfo 2018 continued with its second gala. Read our review below to find out what happened, who is eliminated and who who nominated this week.

Our contestants opened the second gala with the song "Bonito es" by Los Sencillos.

After the group performance, our two nominees continued with their self-chosen songs.

1. The Venezuelan Alfonso chose the Spanish version of All of me by John Legend. He was accompanied by a piano player and delivered the song emotionally. After his performance, our host announced Alfonso's husband, who came on the stage to wish him luck.

2. The other nominee of the first gala, Sabela, chose Benditas Feridas by Rosa Cedrón. The song is entirely in Galician and it was a well-chosen song for her. The live audience sang „cumpleaños feliz“ for Sabela who celebrated her birthday earlier this week, and her mother and boyfriend came to support Sabela. The Galician language on Eurovision?! Yes, please!

After their performances, it was up to television audience to vote and save Alfonso or Sabela.

The guest artist Lola Indigo (Mimi), the first eliminated contestant of the OT 2017 edition, showed us her dance moves with the song 'Ya no quiero ná'.

3. After that came the flamenco moment of the night. It is a song for „fiesta“, Volando voy by Camarón, brought to the show by Noelia and Dave. After being a fan favourite on the last gala, Noelia showed her musical versatility once again and Dave didn't impress the jury with his delivery.

4. África and María were supposed to take us to the Bronx, singing Friends by Marshmello and Anne-Marie. Vocally, they both had their ups and downs, but María was a bit more convincing with her attitude. Jury complimented África for her beautiful voice but expressed that they had problems connecting with her delivery of the song.

5. After that, one of the most emotional moments of the night followed – Miki and Alba with Alma mía by Natalia Lafourcade. Accompanied by live musicians playing the guitars, they delivered the most sincere emotion of the night with their voices blending perfectly. Goosebumps!

6. In the last year's edition of the Operación Triunfo, Alfred and Amaia delivered City of Stars, song from the musical La La Land. This year, Marillia and Joan brought the La La Land back to OT, with the song from the opening scene of the movie - Another day of sun. That entry was a demanding challenge for them, because of the fast tempo of the song and its choreography. Joan got criticized by the jury for the lack of his dancing skills.

7. Famous and Damion followed with Déjala que baile by Alejandro Sanz and Melendi. That song didn't suit either of them, but boys managed to deliver the song correctly and earn themselves place in the next gala. Damion seems to be more and more self-confident while performing.

8. Natalia and Marta were next with Tainted love, the popular song from the 80s, in Imelda May's rockabilly style. Their interpretation of the song was really powerful. Marta continued surprising us positively with her attitude and vocal range, and Natalia again showed that she is a title contender here.

9. The last couple was Julia and Carlos with Mi historia entre tus dedos by Gianluca Grignani. This beautiful and emotional ballad got the followers of the show excited, as they recognized emotion, connection and harmony between the two.

Alfonso - the first eliminated

After all the candidates performed their entries, we got a decision on who is the first expelled candidate of OT 2018. With almost 79% of the public votes, Sabela deserved her place in the academy as a perfect birthday present, and Alfonso is the first one to leave the academy.

Natalia - the fan favourite of Gala 2

After that, the favourites of the audience were announced. This week, three contestants who won the hearts and votes of the audience were Natalia, Julia and Alba. Natalia was the one with the most votes and thus qualifying directly for the next gala.

Jury's nominees

After that, the jury proposed four contestants for nomination: Joan Garrido and África were once again nominated by the jury, alongside with María and Dave.

Teachers and contestants save María and Joan

The professors from the academy choose to save María, because they recognized, as said by the director of the academy Noemi, that she has something special in her voice and presence, "something innate that can not be explained."

It was time for contestants to save one more of their colleagues – Joan, África or Dave. África got two votes, and Dave and Joan both got five votes, but Joan was saved because he got Natalia's vote which was worth double due to her being fan favourite of the second gala.

Dave and África nominated

Our nominees of the second gala are Dave and África. The audience will have a chance to vote in a coming week and decide on who they want to see progress to the next round. They later shared the news that on the next gala África will sing God is a woman by Ariana Grande and Dave will sing Rocanrol boomerang by Miguel Ríos.

OT 2017 contestants concert announced

The host Roberto Leal shared the exciting news - On December 28th a new concert of the OT 2017 candidates will take place in Barcelona.

Are you following OT 2018? What was your favourite moment on the Gala 2? Let us know in the comments and on our social media.

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