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France | Edoardo Grassi Out, As Steven Clerima Steps In.

News coming from France today, as the national broadcaster, France 2, has revealed that there will be a change of head of delegation for France when it comes to their Eurovision entries.

Steven Clerima has now taken that job, replacing Edoardo Grassi. Today's announcement has come as a bit of a surprise to many, as Edoardo has only done the job for three years, and was responsible for the French entries in 2016, 2017, and 2018. In that time he saw a top ten placing for Amir with "J'ai Cherche", which saw France see a top ten finish for the first time since 2002. The subsequent year saw Alma hit 12th place with "La Requiem". He was also the architect of the new national selection 'Destination Eurovision' this year, that saw Madame Monsieur become pre-contest favourites., but ultimately place thirteenth.

The announcement that came via twitter this morning seems to hint that the broadcaster wanted to keep the selection more in house, as Edoardo was an external employee. He has yet to comment officially on the announcement that has come from France 2.

His successor Steven Clerima who was also announced as head of delegation via twitter today certainly has big shoes to fill. He has worked for France 2 for many years in the entertainment, and music departments, and will be responsible for helping see France return back to the Junior Eurovision in November.

It was already officially announced several weeks ago that 'Destination Eurovision' would be the way in which France will chose its 2019 entry. The new national final, certainly made Eurovision popular again, and almost gave a rebirth to a newer generation of fans. This year, the viewing figures were very respectable that saw two pre-recorded semi-finals, and the public and professional juries chose 'Madame Monsieur' in their live national final.

Will a new head of delegation see France enter the top 10 again? It's all change for the French. Are you happy with today's announcement?

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