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Czechia | Mikolas Josef Releases Hot New Single ‘Me Gusta’

After successfully placing 6th for the Czech Republic at this years’ Eurovision Song Contest (their highest ever entry), Mikolas Josef has been very busy writing new music with producers across the globe such as in Toronto as well as in Vienna.

Since competing in Eurovision, Mikolas has released a new Spanish version of his entry ‘Lie to Me’ because of his very large following from Spain (particularly in Madrid and Barcelona). However, on the 5th of October, Mikolas released his new song called 'Me Gusta' which, as you can probably guess from the title, the lyrics are in English, but have a very a very clear Hispanic vibe to it. Releasing ‘Me Gusta’ is a relatively big milestone for Mikolas as it has been 2 years since he wrote the song 'Lie to Me' and around 1 year since he released it, meaning that #TeamMiki fans have been excitedly waiting for some new music for a while. Has the song managed to live up to the hype that it was given by fans?

For many, it has by far exceeded expectations. It is definitely a very well-crafted song with an upbeat energy, sexy vibe, funky flute section and killer hook which ultimately makes ‘Me Gusta’ a certified bop. After the success of ‘Lie to Me’, creating a new song to top that must have been difficult but Mikolas has definitely done just that as, despite having similarities with his Eurovision entry, you can also hear how Mikolas’ sound has developed even further and how the song certainly has a Spanish influence. The beat of the song also makes this an undeniable, catchy dance track which you’ll have to have on repeat on your playlist. But what do the fans themselves have to say?

Check his new video out below:

The song itself, is very in keeping with Mikolas style. It is very cool, up tempo and has some serious rhythm. There is certainly, "Something about you", and Eurovoxx "Love it Me Gusta". There is no camel this time, but he is seen on a horse. Already in less than half an hour it has had over three thousand views on YouTube, and goes a long way in showing how popular he still is.

Since Eurovision, the talented young singer has had such a broad appeal capturing many thousands of fans from all age ranges, who appreciate Mikolas modern and refreshing musical style. This was clearly shown when he achieved the Czech Republic's best Eurovision result.

The video was officially released on YouTube at midnight CET, with the video having a very contemporary appeal. Many said it in May, that this was one person who's career would catapult. His new single will certainly help achieve this. Team Eurovoxx absolutely adores Mikolas's musical style, along with the energy that he brings on, and off the stage. A shining example of how modern day pop stars should certainly be. If you don't believe us, check out some of the comments that his fans have put on Instagram.

@miki_josef_lithuania = “It was amazing… I don’t know what else I can say…. It was so good from the first seconds till the end”

@mikolasestonia = “I’m loving the song. It’s fresh and different from his previous songs, definitely shows how he has grown as a person!”

@_.mikijosef._ = “The new song is just perfect… his voice is so so sexy… and I think I’m going to listen to it all day long on repeat. I just loved it!” = “Me Gusta is as incredible as the artist himself! Brilliant beat, catchy rhythm and amazing lyrics. This song is high class and has to be spread all around the globe!”

@mikolas.alb = "Me Gusta is such a rhythmic song. I like the beat, it makes me wanna dance"

The good news is that we won’t have to be wait long for new music from Mikolas, as he is hoping to release a new single after Christmas, and an album sometime next year. In the mean time, tell us what you think of his brand new song 'Me Gusta' Did you ‘love it, me gusta’?

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