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Croatia | Dora To Return As National Selection

Today, the Director General of HRT has confirmed that Dora shall be returning as the format to select Croatia's Eurovision Song Contest entry for 2019.

Last week, Croatia confirmed they will be competed in Eurovision for the fourth successive year, after a break of two years, and for the first time since they returned to the contest, will be using a national selection final to select their song, and the popular old format of Dora. This comes after a shake up in programming cuts in HRT after large sporting events that they are now investing in my entertainment programming and shows for 2019, which includes Dora and the return of The Voice.

This is the first time since 2011 Dora is returning and being used to select Croatia's Eurovision entry, it was scrapped largely due to poor results from Croatia and decreasing public interest in the show, it was also announced that Dora will be hosted in Opatija, located in the north-west region of the country, the mayor of the city Ivo Dujmic has confirmed monetary support for the show, Dora was also heavily rumoured and was close to being used to select their entry for Lisbon.

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