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Switzerland | Three Songs Advance From RSI Shortlist

A few weeks ago, the Italian/Swiss broadcaster RSI revealed the 13 songs they had shortlisted to be in the running for Switzerland's next Eurovision entry, and today those 13 have been cut down to just three and advanced onto the next stage.

RSI uploaded the songs onto their website, and also opened up a public vote of which people could vote for their favourite entries until September 28th, this afternoon all 13 songs were performed at an undisclosed location, but was made public via Scilla Hess' Facebook, the three songs which have advanced are:

Julie Meletta - Mama (I Will Walk Alone)

Sebalter - We'll Carry The Light

Scilla Hess - Playground

The remaining two broadcasters, RTS and SRF are still accepting submissions from their broadcasters, once the deadline passes on October 1st, the juries will listen to all the entires and decide which songs will continue one, all broadcasters involved each hold the right to save a song which was previously eliminated and submit it as a wildcard, the final round of the selection will have six to nine songs in it, depending on how many songs are saved as wildcards. The final number of songs will then face a oublic jury and an international expert jury, with the winner and therefore Switzerland's Eurovision entry for 2019 being released at a later date. As of now, we are unsure if RTS and SRF will make their shortlist of entries public like RSI.

How do you feel about the three songs taken forward? Did any of your favourites fail to make the cut? Let us know your thoughts!

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