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JESC 2018 | Max And Anne Will Represent the Netherlands At The Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Another weekend, and another round of national finals for those countries wishing to send a representative to Belarus for the junior Eurovision in November. Today, has been no different with the Netherlands choosing Max and Anne to be the Dutch representatives in Minsk. They will preform their winning entry, "Samen" and in doing so have become the sixteenth artists chosen. There are only four left.

Tonight, the Netherlands opted to choose their entry through a national final, 'Junior Songfestival 2018' that saw four artist compete for the honour of representing their home nation. They were:

Anna - "Touch Each Other’s Heart"

Remix Xanne , Roula, Mimi & Jazz – "What Girls Do"

Kiya – "Butterflies"

Max & Anne – "Samen"

Check out the winning entry below:

They were crowned the winners from a combination of votes from a professional jury, which consisted of all four members of 'Fource' who represented the Netherlands last year, and the public vote which came in the form of online voting.

The Netherlands have been present since 2003, and competed a total of 15 times. They have been present every year. They have won the competition once back in 2009, with their worst result coming in 2015, where they came 15th. Last year, the country was represented by boyband, 'Fource' with the song, "Love Me". They came a very respectable 4th place with 156 points.

This year has seen a record 20 countries compete, which will see Kazakhstan alongside Wales debut for the first time. Also returning to the competition will Azerbaijan, Israel and France.

Are you happy with this evenings result? Do you think Max and Anne could win? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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