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Belarus | BRTC Confirm Eurovision Participation For 2019

Another eastern nation has confirmed its Eurovision participation today, with the national broadcaster for Belarus, BRTC stating they will be joining the party in Tel Aviv.

Today's announcement has meant that Belarus will be the 34th official confirmation. With only several more weeks to go until the final deadline, will the final number top last years? Despite not qualifying this year, the country seem determined to avenge this result, and will be in Israel. No further details on how they will select their next entry has been given, however it is expected that they will use the same formula as previous years, and hold a national final.

The 2018 contest saw Alekseev sing his song, "Forever" which unfortunately failed to hit the right note with the viewers, or the juries where he only scored 55 points, culminating in a 16th place finish. Could next years representative qualify?

Despite not qualifying, all eyes are currently on Belarus, but in particular Minsk who will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in November. No doubt after this contest produces the next winner, the former eastern block nation will be in full preparation for the adult show in 2019.

After he won the Belarus national final, Alekseev briefly chatted to Eurovoxx. Check out what he had to say.

Who would you like to represent Belarus next year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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