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Malta | X Factor Malta Begins Airing October 7th

It's their debut season of the worldwide franchise and they are also using it to find their next singer for Eurovision, but finally we know when X Factor Malta will come to the people at home to follow along.

It was announced over the summer that TVM would drop their long standing selection Malta Eurovision Song Contest and instead focus on bringing the X Factor to Malta, with the winner going on to represent the small nation in Eurovision in Tel Aviv, and after a lot of the auditions and bootcamp process has been documented over their social medias they have announced the first episode will air on screens on October 7th 2018.

The show will be hosted by ex MESC and Junior Eurovision 2016 host Ben Camille, with the judging panel consisting off Howard Keith Debono, Ray Mercieca, Alexandra Alden and Eurovision 2002 runner up Ira Losco.

We know so far X Factor Malta has wrapped its first auditions and bootcamp phase of the competition and has announced the third section of the competition "Six Chair Challenge" will take place over October 11th and 12th, many MESC alumni have announced they are taking part in the competition during the summer including Stefan Galea, Miriana Conte and 2017 Malta Eurovision Song Contest runner up Janice Magion. The news that X Factor Malta would select the artist was met with most positivity but some producers and songwriters in Malta raised questions over it, mainly citing as The X Factor solely focuses on the artist the song and performance could suffer as a result, three time Malta Eurovision Song Contest contestant Brooke Borg had this to say in an interview the The Independant Malta.

“I think it’s good to try something different, there is no harm in that. My only question mark is, if I was to be an up and coming songwriter or producer, how will I be able to showcase my style or my music?”

Are you excited to watch X Factor Malta? Do you think it's a good idea to use the show to find their Eurovision artist, see what we had to say on the show being used as their Eurovision selection method below!

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