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New Music | Nathan Trent Releases New Single "Killer"

He was running on air in Kyiv, but Nathan Trent today has released his new single "Killer" and it seems the the smiley happy chap we all grew to love in 2017 may have taken a darker turn in his musical sound.

With the new single, the happy tropical, chilled vibes we've have come to expect from Nathan with his other singles "Secrets" "Good Vibes" "Aire" and more are gone, and replaced with a blend of funk and soul pop beat with some dark lyrics alongside it, most notably in the hook of the song the lyric:

"Ring the alarm, there's a killer in my bed"

Nathan, 26 describes the song as the following in the description on the music video on YouTube:

'Killer' is Nathan's latest single, which puts experiences of past relationships into a very upbeat and energetic song. It's a wake up call to break free from manipulation and the feeling of imprisonment within a relationship"

The dark mood of the song is reflected in the music video when in one of the first shots we see in the music video is him bound by the hands and legs to a chair and later on him lying on the floor with a police markings round him, like a dead body. The entirety of the music video is also shot in black and white, in what is a very different angle and dispatch from the expected of Nathan, we must say we are still loving this single from the Austrian, who now lives in London.

Have you heard "Killer"? What are your thoughts? Watch the video for yourself below and let us know!

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