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United Kingdom | More Artists Including Sam Bailey And JOWST Show Their Interest In 'Eurovision

Despite not having the most successful time at Eurovision since 1999, the United Kingdom has recently announced that it intends to participate in this years contest, and has also stated that it will stick to its current format 'Eurovision- You decide', which will mark its fourth year in 2019. In the short period that the BBC has stated its confirmation, there has been a flurry of celebrities who have endorsed, or a least made some statements of their willingness to participate, or be part of Eurovision 2019.

Prior to yesterdays announcement, the rumour of Steps, and Saara Aalto had made their way into the public domain. Even in May the likes of Robbie Williams, who is currently busy on X factor, alongside James Blunt have already expressed their desires in wishing to represent, or at least be part of the United Kingdoms next entry. Even yesterday, Eurovoxx reported that Tamar Kaprelian had submitted a song to the BBC, she is very familiar to many Eurovision fans, as she represented Armenia as part of Geneology in 2015.

However, this morning several more names have stepped into the arena, and have seemed to have titulated and teased the fans, giving slight indications that they may be seen next year with the Union Jack waving firmly behind them.

The most notable was Sam Bailey who this morning when asked by a fan on twitter to do it. The talented singer responded, and replied by saying, 'With a good song I'd consider it x'. The tweet can be seen below. This lady could be for turning, if a talented song writer were to pen her the perfect tune.

Sam Bailey is most successful for winning the British X factor in 2013. She was a clear favourite due to her powerful vocals, and was the first X factor winner to land a Christmas number one spot in three years. Her album also matched her first single by claiming the top spot in the charts. She has supported Beyoncé on tour, and appeared in several musicals. If a ballsey ballad was needed, surely this would be the perfect singer to sing it.

JOWST too, who is no stranger to Eurovision having represented Norway back in 2017 making the top 10, has said on many occasions that he believes he could be the person to change the United Kingdom's fortunes at the competition. He has been quite prolific in his tweets that he would like to be the next UK representative. He even responded to the Sam Bailey's tweet believing he can 'grab the moment' when proposed that it was his chance. He replied, "I know. I'm gonna grab it!'. Below is a tweet he posted on the day that the BBC confirmed its participation.

With JOWST having previous experience in the competition, and his clear willingness to be part of the United Kingdoms next entry, do you think he could be the one to give the UK a top ten result at the contest?

More names such as Rae Morris and Fryars have also had the internet buzzing today. Rae Morris who is an emerging talent, and very well known in the Indie circles, has had plenty of playtime on BBC Radio one, has quoted Fryars tweet which asked to retweet if you want Rae Morris involved. She responded with quite a few cryptic emoji's, which can be seen below.

What is exciting this year is that the BBC are determined to find, and use new talent. Rae Morris could certainly be a part of this, and a fresh face for the UK national selection.

The BBC are wanting to do things differently this year, and have made changes to the way in whish songs will be shortlisted. The BBC have already appointed Greig Watts as their new music consultant. He was responsible for fan favourite Asanda this year, as well as Renaida from the Swedish Melodifestivalen. A new face, along with new emerging talent, and with a combination of established acts could certainly provide the winning formula for the United Kingdom at Eurovision.

It will be very likely that more stars wishing to put their names forward as the months roll on. There is no doubt that the 2019 Eurovision season is upon us, and certainly for the United Kingdom, things are looking positive, and exciting.

Would you like to see any of the above artists taking part? If not who would you like to see represent the United Kingdom? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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