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UK 2019 | Tamar Kepralian Submits Entry To Eurovision: You Decide

Earlier today the United Kingdom announced that they shall be competing in Eurovision 2019 and shall be using the Eurovision:You Decide format once again to decide their entry, and it seems to have caught the attention of one ex-Eurovision artist already. Tamar Kaprelian.

Those who are not sure of the name, Tamar is an 31 year-old singer who was born and lives in the United States but has Armenian nationality also, she represented Armenia in the 2015 contest with the super group Geneology with the song "Face The Shadow" she has since tried to represent Armenia in Eurovision in 2018 with her entry "Poison" but sadly did not pass the semi finals of the selection in that year.

We know Tamar has interest in being the UK entry or being invovled in some format as earlier tonight, she posted a photo to her Instagram story of her submitting the application form online provided by the BBC for Eurovision:You Decide, what is unclear is if she is submitting herself as a singer or just a song to be used within the selection or herself as an songwriter.

How do feel about Tamar expressing interest in the United Kingdom selection? Would you be happy if she was the UK entry? Let us your thoughts as well as her 2018 offering for Armenia "Poison" below!

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