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Spain 2019 | 10 Songs that have us pumped for OT 2018

Tomorrow - Wednesday 19th September - marks the big day for Spanish Eurofans. After it's incredibly successful relaunch last year 'Operación Triunfo' is set to return to our screens tomorrow evening with Gala 0 which will see 18 contestants from all over Spain fight for a chance to enter the academy. Over the next couple of months, the contestants will be performing a range of tracks, including duets and group performances, hoping to be crowned winner of the competition and in the process have a shot at representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv.

Reflecting on the last series has us very excited for the next season as we get closer to finding out who will be Spain's 2019 Eurovision representative. Join us for a walk down memory lane with 8 releases (and maybe a few cheeky OT performances) which have us crazy excited for Gala 0.

10. Agoney - Rise Like A Phoenix

Agoney was a huge personality during his time in the academy. The self-confessed Eurovision fan heartbreakingly lost out to Ana Guerra to finish sixth, being evicted from the academy the week before the Eurovision Gala despite an incredible performance of 'Eloise' - with staging that would've looked fantastic on the Eurovision stage! He got the chance to be in a duet with Miriam however fans did not take to the song and it failed to make it out of the first round in the Eurovision Gala. Watch him perform 'Rise Like A Phoenix', the winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, above.

9. Lola Indigo - Ya No Quiero Ná

Sometimes being the first to be eliminated in a competition like OT can be a career-ender. However Mimi, under the project Lola Indigo, refused to let her eviction beat her and came back to release 'Ya No Quiero Ná' which is a fantastic club banger with one of the best, and dirtiest, dance breakdowns of the year. This should really be getting more attention on the global market as it is a guaranteed dance floor filler. It shows us that even the early boots have incredible potential to be stars.

8. Roi Méndez - Por Una Vez Más

Until narrowly losing to Ana Guerra and placing seventh, Roi had the two largest votes to save of the season including an incredible 91% against Juan Antonio following Gala 2. 'Por Una Vez Más' is a guitar led foot tapper that wouldn't be out of place on an Ed Sheeran album. Roi was one week short of being able to participate in the Eurovision Gala but will anybody be able to match that impressive 91% of the vote to save?!

7. Ana Guerra - Ni La Hora (ft. Juan Magan)

Ana Guerra is one of the upcoming princesses of pop. Her debut single 'Ni La Hora' didn't disappoint the hype built after summer sizzler 'Lo Malo'. We hope this is just the first of many future bops that we can dance to. The single did fantastically well in the charts, peaking at number 2 and has remained near the top of the charts for the 9 weeks since its release!

6. Miriam Rodríguez - Hay Algo En Mí

Miriam finished third in the competition, however her big voice stopped her ever being in the bottom 2 throughout the season. In the Eurovision Gala she performed a track written by Norwegian singer/songwriter prodigy Ina Wroldsen but unfortunately she was not chosen to represent Spain. Her big voice returned for her debut single 'Hay Algo En Mí'. We love a classic Spanish power ballad and hope OT2018 gives us plenty!

5. Alfred & Amaia - Tu Canción

The winners of the Eurovision Gala - young lovebirds Alfred & Amaia took the world by storm with their beautiful performance of 'Tu Canción' - with Amaia even going on to win the show after some incredible performances. Unfortunately, the voters at Eurovision didn't share the same enthusiasm for the ballad duet which placed a disappointing 23rd place with 61 points. However that hasn't stopped us from adoring their fairytale romance and we cannot wait to see what the couple bring next - either together or solo work.

4. Cepeda - Esta Vez

Cepeda was the unsung her of the bottom 2 - being saved by the public vote a total of 4 times!! Since the show, Cepeda has gone on tour across the peninsula and released a number of singles and albums. 'Esta Vez' hit the charts at the top spot and has now remained in the charts for a consecutive 14 weeks! His album also stayed at Number 1 for 5 weeks - still only drifting out to 5th place 5 weeks after falling out of the top spot. We can't wait to see who will be the fan favourites this season!

3. Aitana - Teléfono

Another princess of Spanish pop at the moment, Aitana was the runner-up both in the Eurovision Gala and in the Final of OT 2017. Her solo effort and her duet both made it to the second round of voting at the Eurovision Gala and finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. Combine those and she actually got 57% of the vote! That hasn't stopped Aitana releasing the song of the summer - 'Teléfono' - which has been at number one in the charts for the past six weeks since it's released. We're hoping OT 2018 can deliver a popstar on Aitana's level to ignite the charts next year and provide some friendly competition to Aitana!

2. Nerea - Quédate Conmigo

Getting Spain's best result at Eurovision since 2003, 'Quédate Conmigo' by Pastora Soler shook Eurofans to the core with her incredible vocals and the ballad even today remains a fan favourite always doing well in the annual ESC250 vote. Nerea's performance of the power ballad in Gala 6 has made it one of the most watched performances from the show on YouTube. You know when you have even Pastora on her feet giving you a standing ovation that you've knocked it out of the park. We're hoping we'll get even more epic Eurovision throwback performances like this one!

And so we have reached our top spot... the song that has us most excited for this years season of Operación Triunfo and in particular the Eurovision Gala (likely to be in December) is...

1. Aitana & Ana Guerra - Lo Malo

This has undoubtedly been the latin song of the summer. 'Lo Malo' has dominated the Spanish charts over the summer - now on it's 32nd week in the Top 20 - and is now a must-play at a Eurovision party. Throwback memories to Lisbon, this coming on at the various different parties and everybody in the clubs absolutely loving it. And better yet? This was a song from the Eurovision Gala! This song suggests that the Spanish National Selection isn't afraid to offer up sexy latin beats and a catchy hook. We cannot wait to see what the Eurovision Gala brings us in 2018 and what will be representing Spain next year in Israel.

Do you agree with our countdown? Have we missed out your favourite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or by connecting with us on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube!

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