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Israel: Reports Suggest A Further 3000 Seats Could Be Made Available At The Eurovision Green Room

A few days ago it was reported by Israeli tabloid paper 'Israel Hayom' that the selected venue for Eurovision 2019 (which is to be held at the Tel Aviv Convention centre) would only be able to support enough seats for 4000 ticket holders. This seemed to have upset many loyal supporters of the contest that felt they would not be able to be present if this was the case.

Since then, another Israeli media outlet Ynet is reporting that alongside this, an additional 3000 seats would be made available to the public, in the green room. It is reported that the green room would be in pavilion 1, and be situated opposite the convention centre, and this would accommodate all the Eurovision performers, as well as their entourage. This additional building could also accommodate the fans who want to be part of Europe's biggest musical show.

Many fans would be able to enjoy the show on large screens, adjacent to the convention centre, that would more than likely appease those who couldn't get tickets for the grand final itself. Initial reports suggested that 3000 tickets would be reserved for delegations, with the proposed extra seating in the green room, this could mean a potential 10,000 tickets would be available to fans to see the contest live.

It is important to stress that this has neither been confirmed or denied by the EBU or public broadcaster KAN, and is based on Israeli media reports. However, if it is correct, it would certainly free up a lot more space for those wishing to see the contest live.

In recent years fans of Eurovision have been spoiled with large arenas, and a much greater potential to be there live at the event. Recent reports have left many feeling disappointed. However, it certainly is not the first time that the green room has been situated in another building. When the contest was held in Malmo in 2013, it was Petra Mede who hosted the show, while Eric Saade had the responsibility of keeping those happy in the green room.

Tickets are expected to go on general sale in December, which will certainly confirm or deny these recent media reports. Regardless of how many tickets go on general sale to the fans, what can be guaranteed is that Tel Aviv will put on a spectacular show. This warm, friendly and vibrant city will open its arms to the world, and embrace everybody. Tel Aviv and Jaffa municipality really seem serious on showing the world how warm, and welcoming they are.

Recently, Eurovoxx talked about the host city, and the proposed city. Check out what was said in the video below.

If you couldn't get tickets for the Tel Aviv Convention Centre, would you be happy with a ticket for the green room? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments box below.

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