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Greece | National Broadcaster Confirms Eurovision 2019 Participation

The national broadcaster for Greece ERT have confirmed their intention to participate in next years Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Tel Aviv. Thus doing so, being the 27th nation to express their desire to be present in Israel 2019.

It has not been mentioned how the country will select its entry for next year. However, it is likely that they will hold a national final once again, which is something that they have done repeatedly in previous years.

The countries choice of Yianna Terzi this year was a little messy. Three artists were expected to sing in the national final, however all but Yianna pulled out, when their record labels couldn't guarantee that they could cover the cost of a Greek entry. Thus leaving "Oniro Mou" the only plausible choice.

Last year the country was represented by Yianna Terzi with the song, "Oniro Mou". Unfortunately, the strong song failed to resonate with voters, and languished in the semi final scoring 18 points, whilst finishing in 14th place. This being the second occasion that the country has not made the grand final.

Check out the Eurovoxx interview with Yianna below:

Greece missed out on a grand final place this year. How do you think they could change their fortunes for next year? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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