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Finland 2019 | UMK To Take Place March 2nd

Mere moments after the official conformation of where and when the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 would take place, Finland decided to drop the news of their selection show date has also been confirmed.

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, otherwise often referred to as UMK, has been confirmed it shall be taking place on March 2nd 2019. The venue whoever has not been confirmed, in the short statement released by YLE, they had this to say:

"The Eurovision Song Contest will be held on 14-18 June. 5.2019. Finland will be represented by YLE's invited guest artist, whose composition will be selected at the New Music Competition on Saturday March 2, 2019."

The keynote in this statement is "guest artist" implying that they once again will be inviting the one act to compete against themselves to represent Finland, a brand new tactic the used in the 2018 edition, when Saara Aalto was given the right to represent Finland, but still had to compete in jury/televote show to decide which of her songs woyld go to Lisbon, which in the end was "Monsters" which qualified in 10th place in the semi final and placed 25th in the final.

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