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Eurovision 2019 | It's A Thumbs Up For Tel Aviv, But A Thumbs Down From Jerusalem.

What has appeared as good news for Tel Aviv, national broadcasters and fans, hasn't turned out so well for Jerusalem, who have responded to today's announcement that the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest would be held in Tel Aviv. In a scathing tweet earlier, Ofer Berkovitch, the mayoral candidate for Jerusalem has openly criticised the choice of host city for next year, citing that his city would have been the better choice.

Soon after the announcement, Ofer Berkovitch stated that it was "outrageous" and "incorrect". In his tweets he also states that the city has missed out on the chance to show the world that it is a great city, and has now lost the chance to strengthen its businesses as thousands of tourists would descent upon the city. Ofer adds that his city is tolerant of religions, and that the Eurovision would have shown how multi-culturally diverse Jerusalem is.

Jerusalem's mayoral candidate tweets in regards to todays announcement

What is interesting is that the mayoral candidate seems to be advocating that the countries Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu step into the matter and reverse this decision. However, this will be very unlikely as the decision has been made officially, and the contests organisers will want as little interference politically as possible.

Soon after Netta won, it became clear that Jerusalem would be the host city, as it got endorsements from the Eurovision winner, the prime minister and the mayor who all openly showed their support for the contest to be held here. However, it got rather messy when nations talked of boycotting the event due to the escalating crisis in Gaza, whilst the EBU stepped in and proposed that it wanted cities to bid for the right to host this great event. Although, not a total shock to pundits, those in Jerusalem seem very disappointed that they have been denied to welcome Europe in the worlds greatest musical show.

It will be Tel Aviv's first time at hosting the show, and now all eyes of the world will be upon then. Do you think there will be more political drama to follow? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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