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Eurovision 2019 | Could Saara Aalto Be Trying To Represent The UK Next Year?

It's been a very busy day in Eurovision land. Tel Aviv has been confirmed as host city, whilst Iceland have confirmed its intention to be present next year. With all that has happened, this years Finnish Eurovision entrant Saara Aalto has come up with a fool proof way that she believes the UK could win, or certainly improve its fortunes at Europe's most loved musical competition.

In an interview given to the express newspaper today, the Finnish beauty has revealed that a duet with steps could provide the United Kingdom with a winning formula. The young artist stated, "I was touring with Steps in June... I know people really want them to do Eurovision... maybe I should join them... So maybe we should do Eurovision for the UK. I would love that". Certainly, steps have a mixed reaction from fans, and group members when it comes to Eurovision. Some like Ian 'H' Watkins are all for the idea, whilst Clarie Richards categorically say no. to the idea.

Relive Saara's moment here:

Last year, Finland changed their national final, and allowed Saara to be the only entrant, giving the viewers a choice of only three possible songs to chose from. They categorically chose "Monsters" which saw the country qualify for the Grand final, after "Norma John" failed the previous year. However, she only managed 25th position with an equal score of 23 points from both the juries, and the public. Despite this, the artist said of Eurovision, "I definitely got what I wanted... I loved my performance... I loved the whole event. I would love to do it again". What is interesting though, is not a single point was awarded by the British public who voted for her to be runner up in the UK "X Factor" in 2016.

In an interview earlier in the year, Saara had revealed that the BBC had approached her to become part of the national final, 'Eurovision- You Decide'. However, the artist declined the invitation after she didn't want to be part of national final selection again. Something, to which the experienced artist has done before in Finland back in 2011, and 2016 seeing her come second on both occasions. If Saara's wish would to become reality, the BBC would have to change their national selection, which seems unlikely due to its now increasing popularity over the years.

Since Eurovision, Saara has been very busy having toured with Steps, being present at many Pride events, but also concentrating on her own tour. She still 4 dates left in the UK, and will continue on to Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ireland and Spain. Could we see Saara back at Eurovision next year?

Check out what Team Eurovoxx had to say about "Monsters" in the video below:

Would you like to see Saara at Eurovision again? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments box below.

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