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Denmark: 'Eurovision is about Connecting Europe'

After Israel won Eurovision 2018 back in May with 'Toy' by Netta, there was some initial controversy over calls to boycott the contest if it were to be hosted in Israel. On Friday, in a letter posted to The Guardian, it was revealed that 140 artists, broadcasters, musicians and actors signed a petition in support of Palestinian calls to boycott the contest next year due to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. In light of this, Jan Lagermand Lundme, Danish entertainment manager at the national broadcaster DR, has hit out at the petition by confirming that Denmark will not be taking part in any boycott.

The declaration comes after continued pressure following the publication of the signed petition. Several prominent Danish names are on the list, including actors Jesper Christensen and Anne Marie Helger, have signed the petition. Included on the list of signatures are several Eurovision related performers, including most famously Charlie McGettigan who was one half of the winning Irish duo back in 1994, but also Finnish representatives Kaija Kärkinen (1991) and Kyösti Laihi (1988).

However in a press release, entertainment manager Lundme has thwarted any notion that Denmark would be boycotting the annually held contest. He is quoted as saying:

"Denmark is involved because Eurovision is all about everything but creating discretion. Eurovision is about connecting Europe, and therefore we are in. It does not matter which country there may be, or that are hosts. For the values ​​that lie in the competition, we are just meeting something that is not political - for the music"

- Jan Lagermand Lundme (DR)

As of the date of September 11th 2018, 24 countries have confirmed their participation for next years contest with that number expected to rise over the next few weeks. That being said, there still isn't a confirmed host city - as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem fight it out to host the contest - or even dates for the shows although it is predicted that it will be in May.

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