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The X Factor Malta boot camp begins

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The boot camp stage in the first ever series of The X Factor Malta kicked off this past weekend, however Maltese broadcaster PBS is keeping very quiet regarding any details of who progressed to the next stage and who did not. 2018 sees the first time that Malta is using The X Factor format to choose their Eurovision Song Contest entrant, a significant departure from the long-running and highly popular Malta Eurovision Song Contest national final show which Malta had used prior to adopting The X Factor. The four person judging panel for The X Factor Malta is comprised of Ira Losco (who represented Malta at Eurovision in 2002 and 2016), music producer Howard Keith Debono, Maltese singer/songwriter Alexandra Alden and lead singer in The Riffs, Ray Mercieca. The show will be presented by Ben Camille, a familiar face to Eurovision fans, having presented MESC on several occasions and co-presented Junior Eurovision 2016 alongside Valerie Vella. Re-live the discussion that Eurovoxx's own Andy, Jess and Elliot had when the announcement was made regarding The X Factor Malta judges here.

PBS has, however, confirmed that the televised broadcasts of The X Factor Malta will begin on TVM from October 7th. 2019 will see Malta take part in Eurovision for the 32nd time since debuting in 1971 - following Portugal's win in 2017, Malta also now holds the record for the longest wait without a Eurovision victory, coming close in 2002 and 2005 respectively when Ira Losco sang '7th Wonder' and Chiara performed 'Angel'. What do you make of Malta's decision to use The X Factor to select their Eurovision 2019 artist? Let us know in the comments below and on our Facebook, Twitter an Instagram pages.

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