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France | Madame Monsieur Meet Mercy

It was a song that won the hearts, and adoration of many Eurovision fans. This year, France, through their popular national final 'Destination Eurovision', opted to send husband and wife duo Emilie Satt, and Jean-Karl Lucas, who are better known as 'Madame Monsieur' to Lisbon with the song "Mercy". The song which was written by the duo was based on a true life story of what the couple described as, "a miracle birth", has seen a new chapter of the story told. It turns out that fifteen months after it was penned, the husband, and wife duo finally get to meet the girl behind the song.

The song was written about a little girl "mercy" who was born on a rescue ship called 'Aquarius' that was headed for Italy. In what has been a turbulent time for migrants leaving war torn countries, and seeking better lives, this song really struck the right chord with the French public, but also many European nations who voted for the song in their thousands.

Well over 30,000 people have died making the perilous crossing into the Mediterranean sea since 2000, and when the couple saw a post on twitter seeing a picture of baby Mercy, they felt compelled to write about it. In an interview given to the BBC Emilie stated her birth symbolised, "hope where there is no hope", and "it means everything is possible".

In a happy twist, the couple have now visited "Mercy", fifteen months after her birth inspired a French Eurovision song. In an Instagram post Emilie posted pictures of the happy occasion.

She posted, "15 months after being born aboard the Aquarius, 15 months after having told about her in the song, we finally meet Mercy and her mother Taiwo. It was a day one experiences rarely, full of joy, tenderness and laughter. In the end we already knew each other very well. We sang cheek to cheek, cried a little, talked in disorder, making sure to keep in the heart these unique feelings for a long time. For a little over a month, Taiwo and Mercy have been sheltered in Sicily in a home for women and children after a long stay in Europe’s largest migrant camp. Mercy will go to the crèche tomorrow and Taiwo to school to learn Italian and then find a job .Since like us, you loved this little girl and her amazing story, here are some pictures of this precious day. ♥ Thanks to Alessandro, Mathilde, Eric, Greg, @SOSMEDITERRANEE, Borderline Sicily and Casa delle culture)"

Understandably, the singers tell of the highly emotional day that took place, that was full of smiles. This is a very different story to when the duo first heard of the birth. Earlier in the year they said, "we were so deeply moved by the whole story. Her mother was drowning because she tried to give her child a better life". However, it is clear to see now that both the mother, and baby are all doing fine. It certainly looks like this story has now had a happy ending.

The Eurovoxx team were in Lisbon, and were fortunate enough to speak to Madame Monsieur on the blue carpet. This is what they had to say.

Did you like the song? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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