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JESC | Could Spain be returning to Junior Eurovision?

The Spanish broadcaster RTVE have announced that they might consider returning to Junior Eurovision in the near future.

Despite a string of top 5 placings, cementing themselves as one of the most successful countries in Junior Eurovision, Spain decided to withdraw from the contest in 2007 due to the changing format. The director (at the time) of RTVE, Javier Pons, said that this decision was made because of the exploitation to which the children were subjected to and because "the contest promotes stereotypes which we don't share".

Since they withdrew from the contest, there have been numerous attempts to bring them back. At The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, Spanish head of delegation Federico Llano spoke to Eurovision site ESC+ about Spain's participation in Junior Eurovision, stating that: "We don't do Junior Eurovision and we won't take part in this years contest".

In 2015, several media outlets were hinting at a return to the contest for Spain, however, these claims were not confirmed by the Spanish broadcaster. It was also suggested that the EBU were negotiating with private TV channels in Spain to bring them back to the contest, however, nothing came of this and Spain once again sat out the 2015 contest.

In 2017, there changes were made within the Spanish delegation, which saw Ana Maria Bordás take over as new head of delegation for RTVE. As a result of these changes, Spain made a return to Eurovision Young Musicians 2018, and there is now talk of a possible return to Junior Eurovision.


Spain in Junior Eurovision

Spain were one of 16 countries to take part in the very first Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark. They were represented by 12-year old Sergio who sang the ballad "Desde el Cielo" (From the Sky), finishing in 2nd place, only 9 points behind winners, Croatia.

In 2004, Spain secured their one and only win with 9 year old María Isabel and her song "Antes Muertes Que Sencilla" (I'd Rather be Dead than Plain). Wracking up an impressive 171 points, they held the title for highest score in Junior Eurovision for 11 years until Destiny from Malta won the 2015 contest with 185 points.

It was nearly a second win for Spain in 2005 when Antonio José finished in 2nd place, only 3 points behind Belarus, with the latin-inspired "Te Traigo Flores" (I Bring You Flowers).

2006 saw Spain's last Junior Eurovision participation and their lowest placing and score to date. Dani Fernández sang "Te Doy Mi Voz" (I Bring You My Voice) and he was joined on stage by the same dancers who danced for Antonio José in 2005. They received points from every country, managing 88 points which put them into 4th place.

Check out this video to see all of Spain's (and Portugal's) participations in Junior Eurovision:

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