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Ireland | Brendan Murray Survives Difficult X Factor Audition

He represented Ireland last year with his song "Dying To Try" which sadly did not pass the semi finals, but it seems 21 year-old Brendan Murray is trying his luck again in the singing competition dynamic, after appearing on The X Factor UK this evening.

Brendan, who initially got his start in the boyband "Hometown" in his native Ireland and was managed by ex X Factor judge Louis Walsh, appeared on tonight's show, as the show returned to our screens for an 15th series. Louis Walsh was also involved in the selection in which Brendan was selected to represent Ireland last year in Kyiv and despite only placing 13th in the semi final with his heartfelt ballad, seems he is not ready to return to a boyband life and ready to break out on his own. However his first audition at Wembley Arena did go all according to plan.

Brendan took to the stage and decided to cover "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" however his high register vocals, which many fans last year somewhat criticised him of weren't impressing head judge Simon Cowell, who cut the music. Cowell decided the song was not right for his voice and was given a second song to showcase his voice better, this time Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work" he returned to the stage and again struggled and even resorted to seeing with the songsheet in his hand to remember the lyrics, however the nerves seemed to fade and ended strongly and walked off the stage with four yes' from the judges.

Brendan earlier today announced via social media he will be competing on this forthcoming series of The Factor UK and that his audition would be aired this evening and even recieved words of encouragement from fellow Eurovision 2017 artist Nathan Trent.

Are you excited to see Brendan on X Factor? How far do you think he can go in the competition? let us know your thoughts!

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