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France | Kendji Girac Expresses Interest In Competing For France

He has been on many a Eurovision fans wishlist since winning The Voice: La Plus Belle Voix, back in 2014, but Kendji Girac has said he would consider and like to represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Kendji, 22, expressed in an interview with magazine "20 Minutes" whilst discussing his brand new album "Amigo" which was released on Friday, that he see's himself on the Eurovision stage representing France - or in an action film. He expressed that the album is going to be a "big turning point in his career" this is his third studio album to be released and Kendji has made a name for himself since winning The Voice at only 17 years of age.

Kendji alluded to Eurovision within the interview when he stated he likes challenges, and used Eurovision as an example, in which he said:

"It is a danger, it must be stressful but, if I have a good song, I would like to represent France. It must be big, huge, we must feel a weight on the shoulders. I would really like to live it to know what it does. "

If he is to be the next artist for France then we should expect to see him compete in the forthcoming series of Destination Eurovision, which has already been announced to make its return as France's selection method for Eurovision 2019, following the success of the debut series in 2018 in which Madame Monsieur won with "Mercy" The show recieved high praise for the high standard and calibre of artists and songs alike, with several The Voice alumni competing including 2017 winner Lisandro Cuxi and runner-up Lucie Vangenheim.

What do you think of Kendji's Eurovision omission? Do you hope to see him compete in Israel or a later contest? Let us know your thoughts!

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