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Ukraine | MÉLOVIN Releases New Single - "That's Your Role"

He represented Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest with a performance which included fire, a giant stairwell and him rising out of the piano he later played on, but MÉLOVIN has released his follow up single to "Under The Ladder" titled "That's Your Role"

Kostyantyn Bocharov, otherwise known more so by his stage name, MÉLOVIN, has released his brand new single "That's Your Role" his first single since his Eurovision entry. The song itself is presented and composed in a different light to that of "Under The Ladder" ditching the dramatic driving rhythmns of "Under The Ladder" for a lighter more mid tempo dance beat, one paralell between the two however is the inclusion of piano, with the piano being the main component and construct of the tempo and percussion in "That's Your Role". MÉLOVIN has also teamed up again with Mike Ryals for the lyrics, who also did the lyrics for Under The Ladder also. You can listen to "That's Your Role" below.

MÉLOVIN won the Ukranian selection "Vidbir" to win the right to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2018, he was also their first male soloist to represent Ukraine since their debut entry back in 2003, despite being popular with the public in Lisbon, MÉLOVIN only finished 17th in the Grand Final with 130 points, after the juries marked him last in the final, he also for the third successive year was the act to close the second semi final and then open the Grand Final, you can watch his Eurovision performance below.

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