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Former Eurovision stars take to Eurostarz stage in London!

For the third year in a row, a handful of former Eurovision stars will make up the line up of the Eurostarz in Concert in London on 18 August 2018.

The intimate event give Eurofans a chance to relive some of their favourite Eurovision moments, and has previously drawn in acts such as Emilie de Forrest, Anjeza Shahini, MIHAI, Valentina Monetta, Kurt Calleja and Anne-Marie David!

This year's line up features 1992 Irish winner Linda Martin, Romania's favourite duo from 2010 and 2014 - Paula Seling & Ovi, from the Netherlands - Esther Hart (2003), and previous UK entrants Scott Fitzgerald (Runner-up 1988) and Lindsay Dracass (2001)

Eurovoxx have supported the event since its inception in 2016, and are pleased to be there for a third year in a row. Tickets are still available, so don't miss out - get your tickets here!

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