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Ukraine Junior Eurivision U-Turn! Ukraine Will Compete In Minsk

In a surprise announcement today, despite initially announcing they had withdrew from the forthcoming Junior Eurovision contest, it has been confirmed today that Ukraine will in fact be competing in Minsk, Belarus, taking the total number of competing nations up to twenty.

Despite funding being cited as an reason for the countries withdrawal before, UA:PBC today released a statement stating that despite funds being limited to compete that they "it had a duty to make every effort not to deprive Ukraine of Junior Eurovision" A national final will happen, but will be online as opposed to a live televised show to save money on the production costs.

Ukraine completing the lineup means we have had only one withdrawal from the contest last year which was Cyprus, and have had France, Israel and Azerbaijan returning to the competition, the contest in Minsk will also welcome two new nations to the competition in Wales and Kazakhstan respectively. Junior Eurovision 2018 is set to take place on November 25th 2018 in Minsk-Arena.

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