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Liechtenstein Will Not Debut In Eurovision 2019

Despite working hard to become an EBU member and compete in Eurovision in Israel, FL TV, the national broadcaster has announced that Liechtenstein will not be debuting in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019.

Liechtenstein, a small nation landlocked in Central Europe between Austria and Switzerland has been working tirelessly for the last few years to meet the requirements on a full membership and become a member of the European Boradcasting Union, which in turn would grant them access to compete in Eurovision, however these plans have been put on hold due to the sudden passing from FL TV director Mr. Peter Kolbel.

Mr. Kolbel had been working on plans and projects to be granted full membership, but due to his passing the broadcaster has made a decision to delay and halt these plans for two years, they however have stated they will revisit and continue the plans after this timeframe, leaving an opportunity to feature in the Eurovision Song Contest possible in the future. In the past the broadcaster has cited financial issues and hurdles as their main reason for not debuting and competing in the contest in previous years and editions, as it stands 19 countries have provisionally announced they will be competing in Israel, with several countries such as France, Switzerland, Malta and Sweden already announcing their plans and ideas for selecting an entry for the forthcoming contesdt.

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