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Kristian Kostov releases dark new single 'Get It'

After working on new music for quite some time now, Bulgaria's 2017 Eurovision star Kristian Kostov has released his new single 'Get It' ahead of his first EP soon to be released.

The song is a minimalist version of some of his latest singles. The trap/EDM beats paired with a somewhat heavy bass sets a dark tone to match the lyrics. Make sure to listen to the song below.

The lyrics show what appears to be attempts of explaining the feelings of loneliness and isolation,"tried to be like them, to smile like I don't care", "cause I don't belong". Kristian has opened up a lot online in the past year, frequently on his Twitter and Instagram, including uploading a "stripped down" honest video on his YouTube where he talks about his feelings. He has talked about feeling sad/depressed a lot, as well as feeling lonely. He tried explaining on his Twitter a few months ago how he can feel lonely even while he's surrounded by his friends and family. His fans flooded him with love, as usual, showing him he most definitely isn't alone, but he wrote back exposing the unfortunate truth of loneliness.

The light EDM beats heavily compliment Kristian's powerful vocals and the deep lyrics. In some of his previous songs such as 'Burning Bridges' (a collaboration with Norway 2017 representative JOWST) and 'The One (I Need You)', which were a little more upbeat, also featured EDM tones. However this time, the subtlety of the backing music paired with such strong, emotional vocals definitely adds to the melancholic feeling.

The track is truly great, and definitely relatable. The lyrics are raw and honest, showing that Kostov is only human. He makes mistakes, he feels lonely, just like the rest of us. His sincerity in this track has worked to his advantage, landing him yet another hit.

Congratulations Kristian on yet another great track. We can't wait to hear what else you have coming up.

You can listen to the song on iTunes/Apple Music/Spotify, or most other streaming platforms. You can follow Kristian on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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