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Switzerland Announce Eurovision 2019 Selection Revamp

This morning Switzerland announced their participation to compete in Eurovision 2019, along with their selection method for the forthcoming contest, and there are a few changes in store for the nations selection format.

Last year they used their tried and tested selection show "Diegrosse Entscheidungsshow" which has been in effect since 2011, however after failing to qualify for the Grand Final again for the fourth consecutive year, despite popularity for the Swiss entry "Stones" by the duo "Zibbz" the collective term station SRG SSR has decided to look for a new way to find their singer and song for Israel 2019.

Anyone is allowed to submit songs to the selection, but it has been stated that authors and singers of Swiss nationality or heritage will be given a priority in the format, also it is stated once a application and song has been submitted, it cannot be withdrawn, therefore locking the song into the Swiss selection for the forthcoming competition regardless of its outcome. Songwriters can submit up to five songs. and SRG SSR have also said they are a looking for a song which "modern and has lyrics with a clear and understandable message"

Songs can be submitted from the 1st September, and from there the submitted songs will be showcased to an 100 strong viewing panel and jury of 20 musical experts, through what is being called a "multi-level, multi stage" process. all songs and artists which made it past the first round of the process will be notified by the end of 2018, six songs will compete in the final of the show for certain, whereas SRG SSR also hold the right to submit three wildcard entries eliminated in the preselection process, SRG SSR also hold the right to change any of the artists for any of the songs submitted to their selection.

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