X Factor Malta songwriter dissatisfaction continues

Since the Maltese broadcaster TVM announced their intention to scrap the Malta Eurovision Song Contest national final show in favour of using The X Factor to choose Malta's Eurovision Song Contest singer, many well-known Maltese songwriters have voiced their dissatisfaction at the decision, the latest of which is Phillip Vella. Phillip Vella is a name familiar to Eurovision fans across Malta, having written no fewer than seven of Malta's Eurovision songs as well as a host of songs for MESC. Many of them have been written alongside another famous name in Maltese songwriting circles, Gerard James Borg. Phillip believes the decision to use The X Factor is "a recipe for disaster" and it (The X Factor) "will severely limit opportunities for Maltese songwriters." The best placing for one of Phillip's seven Eurovision songs for Malta came in 2002, when Ira Losco reached the heady heights of 2nd place, scoring 164 points with the song '7th Wonder'. His most recent Eurovision song for Malta came in 2017, when Claudia Faniello failed to reach the Grand Final with the song 'Breathlessly', finishing 16th with 55 points in the second semi-final, despite coming 8th with the juries. Re-live Claudia's Eurovision performance from Kyiv here:

Take a trip down memory lane back to 2002 and Malta's best placing in Eurovision and Philip Vella's most sucessful Eurovision song:

What do you think of Malta's decision to use The X Factor to select their Eurovision singer and who would you like to see represent Malta in Israel 2019?

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