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Tel Aviv is getting closer to hosting Eurovision 2019

The criteria for hosting the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 has been revealed and it looks like Tel Aviv is is the front runner for hosting the contest next year.

According to an official criteria published on 10th of July by the Israeli broadcaster KAN, the host city will have to present to KAN and the EBU an indoor hall that contains between 8,000-12,000 seats, including standing places.

KAN emphasizes that a city with an existing indoor hall will have an advantage, because of a short schedule. Also written is that the host city will provide a press center for up to 1,500 journalists nearby the venue.

The host city must also have at least 3,000 hotel rooms available. Haifa doesn’t have as many available rooms, while Eilat has much more that 3,000 rooms, but doesn’t have the suitable venue, making Tel Aviv the perfect place.

The last requirement for the cities is with regards to the preparation and rehearsals, some of which will take place during Friday evening and Saturday, which can be problematic for Jerusalem – a religious city. According to the Jewish tradition, the Shabbat begins at sunset on Friday and ends an hour after sunset on Saturday. Many Jewish Orthodox living in Jerusalem will protest against the desecration of the Sabbath.

Due to these requirements Tel-Aviv is left alone in the race and will most likely be the host city for the upcoming edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. Tel-Aviv is a secular city; It has the sufficient number of hotel rooms needed and has 2 indoor halls, the “Menora hall” which has 10,000 seats and the Exhibition Center “Bitan 2” at Ganei Taarucha in Tel-Aviv.

Here's what deputy Mayor Mrs. Meital Lahavi has to say:

“Now that the criteria’s are published and Tel-Aviv can officially apply and host the contest, it makes it clear that Tel-Aviv is the suitable place to host this event, it has the right infrastructure, the amount of hotel rooms for the reception of guests, and the possibilities the city can offer them and of course the fact that Tel-Aviv is cultural center of Israel”

With all of the above, still each city in Israel can apply for hosting the contest, (if it meets all the requirements), until the 17th of July, and the host city will be picked by both KAN and the EBU. The official announcement will be made by September, so stay tuned!

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