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Polina Bogusevich releases new single "Heavy On My Heart"

Polina Bogusevich is back with a new single "Heavy On My Heart". The Junior Eurovision 2017 winner premiered her song at the Russian national final for Junior Eurovision 2018, and since then, the song has been officially released Apple Music, iTunes and VK (VKontakte), a Russian online social media and networking site.

The song is a very well produced, strong and contemporary pop song, with some R 'n' B elements to it. Unlike her Junior Eurovision song, the song is sung entirely in English and shows off Polina's powerful vocals. The song is dedicated to Polina's vocal teacher, who sadly passed away right before the premier of the song, as she says:

"We thought about the format of the song for a long time. Do something dance or something lyrical. But later came to the conclusion that, having a lyrical melody and text, the song can be pumped with bits. Therefore, the song was created in stages. Gradually improved, we worked on the arrangement and its "design" for a long time.After all, backing vocals, effects, arrangement-all this created a single composition from different genres. I decided to dedicate a song to my vocal teacher, who died the day before the premiere. For me, this is an irreplaceable loss."

You can heck out Polina's performance at the Russian national final:

What do you think of Polina's new song? Let us know in the comments below!

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