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JESC 2018 | Belarus National Finalists announced

The 10 finalists that will take part in Belarus' national final for Junior Eurovision 2018 have been announced after a full day of auditions that took place in the capital city, Minsk.

A total of 62 singers auditioned, both soloists and groups, with only 10 being chosen to take part in the live national final. There were some familiar faces among the auditionees, with some singers auditioning that have previously participated in Belarus' national finals for Junior Eurovision.

The 10 finalists and their songs:

  1. Angelina Yaroshchuk - Feeling Good

  2. Artem Skorol - Ulybnis

  3. Daniel Aleks Yastremskiy - Time

  4. Mariya Gulevich - Ostrov Chikarum

  5. Mariya Zhilina - Welcome To My Belarus

  6. Monkey Tops - Na Stile

  7. Myata - Odnazhdy

  8. Nikita Belko - Na Preday

  9. Yaroslav Sokolikov - Mir Na Zemle

  10. Yelizaveta Meya - Zorka

The national final is expected to take place around September 15th. The winner will be decided by a mix of 50% tele vote and 50% jury vote. If there is a tie for first place, the jury will vote again on the songs that are tied, and if there is still a tie, the chairman of the jury will get the deciding vote.

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