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Do you recognize him? Milan Stanković goes from The Balkans to Japan!

I'm sure we all remember Milan Stanković who represented Serbia at The Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with his song energetic, up-tempo and traditional sounding song "Ovo je Balkan" (This is Balkan). He bought Serbia to the grand final, finishing in 13th place overall.

Eights years later, he is at the peak of his singing career, selling records and touring all across the Balkan region, as well as being a judge on popular singing Television show, "Pinkove Zvedice".

His new song "Trance (Trans)" is the first part of an announced "Tokyo trilogy"; but it could almost be named "This is Japan". The music video was filmed in Japan and features Japanese culture heavily.

From the moment the song was released, it has been trending in eight European countries - Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

The music and lyrics are written by Jala Brat (Bosnia 2016) and Buba Corelli (Bosnian Rapper). The duo are very famous across the Balkan region and are responsible for producing many well-known hits. This is their second collaboration with Milan after their hugely successful hit "Ego" in 2017.

Milan was a guest on a Serbian talk show where he talked about his experience in Japan:

"We got the idea from my Japanese fan club and I spent 10-12 days filming the videos in Tokyo, with some of the fans".

In comparison to "Ovo je Balkan", Milan sounds completely different in "Trans", with a much more auto-tuned sound. The style of the song, and also Milan's personal style has changed a lot since the start of his career and his Eurovision days, and it has got a lot of people talking.

What do you think of Milan's new song and style? Let us know in the comments below!

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