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It's Official! The Eurovision DVD Is Released Today. However, Why Are Fans Divided?

Although, it has been well over a month since Eurovision ended for another year, and only now people are recovering from their Post Eurovision Depression. The European Broadcasting Union today, has officially released the official DVD from this years shows.

The Eurovision merchandise that accompanies the contest, is almost as traditional as the show. The CD was released earlier in the year, whilst Eurovision added a little extra for 2018 by producing a board game, that allows fans to test their knowledge, and try to win the contest itself.

Today though, the holy trilogy (CD, game, and DVD) of Eurovision products were completed, as the official DVD was released earlier. It can by purchased by clicking the link here, that will take you directly to the official merchandise store of The DVD is price marked at 24.95 Euros, and gives you access to the two semi finals, the grand final, plus a host of extra bonus material.

Why are fans not happy? This year SuRie's performance for the United Kingdom was over shadowed, when a stage invader stole the microphone from her, disrupting her one big chance to shine. However, the DVD does not show this, and only shows her live jury performance. Many fans aren't happy as they feel that the EBU are trying to pretend that it did not happen, and that it ignores how the fans rallied behind the talented singer, and reacted to her performance. Many also note that it does a disservice to the singer, as it fails to show how well she professionally coped with such a stressful situation.

However, what can be seen as a double edged sword, others believe it was the right thing to do, as it gives the perpetrator less air time, and publicity that he does not deserve to have.

The BBC have decided to keep it online, and it has already had over 6 million hits. You can still see it here:

Now you can relive your favourite moments from the Eurovision week on DVD. Are you going to buy it? and do you think that it was correct for the EBU to show the jury performance, over the live television one? Please tell us your comments in the box below.

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