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Ira Losco Releases Her New Album, 'No Sinner, No Saint'.

The cover for Ira Losco's new album

In 2002 she told the Eurovision world about her '7th Wonder' and in 2016 she was back and told us that she felt like she can 'Walk on Water'. Now, in 2018, Malta's incomparable singing superstar Ira Losco is back with her 6th studio album - and this time she is adamant that she is 'No Sinner No Saint'. The album is available to download on Google Play Music, Spotify and iTunes. The individual tracks are also available to listen to on YouTube. The full 11-track listing for 'No Sinner No Saint' are...

One In A Million






I'd Hate To Be You (feat. Pupachile)

The Perfect One

Bad Habits


You Did It Again

Re-live Ira Losco's Eurovision 2016 Grand Final performance here, when she took Malta to 12th place in 2016 with 153 points - Malta's best result since the smiling doctor, Gianluca, and his song 'Tomorrow' took the country to 8th place with 120 points three years earlier in 2013.

'No Sinner No Saint' is Ira's first studio album for over five years and, as with her previous album 'The Fire' in 2013, was recorded under the Maltese-based label Jagged House. The latest album continues a prolific recording period for Ira, following her collaboration with Jason Derulo in recording the official Coca-Cola anthem, Colors, for the 2018 FIFA World Cup currently taking place in Russia.

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