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Eurovision Stars React To Their Eurovision Experience Part One

It probably has only just begun to sink in for this years Eurovision stars. After months of endless promotions, and performances of their Eurovision entries, their journey has come to an end. In doing so, some of the artists have had time to reflect upon the roller coaster that is Eurovision. This is what some of them had to say.


The French artists Madame Monsieur had high hopes of bringing the trophy back to France this year. The duo had done well with the polls, and bookies prior to the competition, but the expectation didn't quite match the result as the country managed 13th place. They scored better with the juries who gave them 114 points, whilst the public only awarded 59 giving them a total of 173 points. Over the past two years, France had managed to get two top 10 placings, and although a 13th place is respectable, the husband, and wife team hoped for more.

Speaking to Télé-Loisirs, Émilie Satt stated,

"We are a little disappointed of course. It would perhaps have been a fantasy to hope for a victory with this song. We finished 13th out of 26, so right in the middle, it's the proof that it's divisive. We are proud of ourselves. We did what we wanted to do".

Of the winning entry, and their performance at Eurovision she went on to say,

"Yes...I'm glad she won. Her song was telling something too". Whilst she stated that performing with her husband, "It's very strong. Indescribable. At the same time, we've been making music together for 11 years".

Jean-Karl also added,

"We have nothing to regret . We did our best. What's great is that we met a real audience... there was a real craze around this song".

He also stated about Netta, and his experience,

"That she would win was obvious from the beginning. Her song is ultra-efficient and Netta is charismatic. We did not play in the same league". He also went onto explain how emotional the whole experience was by saying, "there were a lot of emotions, it's been three months of expectations. There was a lot of hard work. Hard times, too, because it takes energy. On the other hand, the distribution of points was a real torture. Especially when the cameras don't come to see you".


Spain was another country that had a lot of expectation upon them. Alfred and Amaia's romance certainly got swept up in the Eurovision whirl wind, and it was expected that the pair would do well. Unfortunately, for the Iberian nation they were in the bottom 5 again this year. The duo achieved a 23rd place gaining only 43 points from the juries, and the public did not buy the love at all, as they were only awarded 18 from them. Hence, giving the couple a total of 61 points.

Of the competition, and how the couple faired, they did seem happy with all the hard work that they did, on the tours, and promotions. Even the press were highly complimentary of this. They both said that, "This is Eurovision, things are like that".

The couple said about their result that, "the final result is shite, but we are happy". Amaia went on to add, "No problem at all. We felt satisfied with our performance. It was difficult so it's okay".

Of Netta's winning performance they said,

"We couldn't see any of the performances, well due to the number of people standing and covering the TV's". They had a lot of love for the United Kingdom's SuRie, and the way she handelled the stage invasion too. The duo said, "But I loved SuRie. I loved her reaction. We heard a voice and told each other 'gosh, what happened? and then we saw it. She even finished stronger than ever"


Albania were represented by Eugent Bushpepa with the song "Mall". The singer certainly made it clear in interviews before the competition that he was there for the experience, and that he would be happy, regardless of the result. The talented singers vocals certainly blew everyone away. He qualified from the first semi final with ease. In the final he was also rewarded with a great result for the country scoring 184 points, and securing a 11th place result.

An artist that does not use social media much, used it to convey his feelings of his experience at the competition. He stated,

"I cannot find words to describe the feeling I have, the love, support, and warm comments you have given me! Thank you very much Albania! Many thanks to Europe!"

Stay tuned for the next instalment of how the Eurovision stars reacted to the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Please tell us your thoughts of France, Spain, and Albania in the comments below.

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