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Croatia 2018 | Is marriage on the cards for Franka?

Six years on from the beginning of their relationship, their love is still blooming. Franka Batelić, as she says, made her dreams come true with her performance at Eurovision, and her biggest fan, although he could not be with her because of football obligations, was her partner Vedran Ćorluka. Now he is in front of one of the biggest challenges of his career - the World Cup in Russia where Franka will be there to cheer him on.

Today, as she wrote, she had a discharge of emotions and dedicated her touching status to him via her official Instagram page: "When you open your eyes, through the window you are looking at the sun and the sea, Vedran Ćorluka recounts the occasions of the morning walk, you smile, cuddle your dog for a good morning and realize the first sip of coffee - your whole world is with you in that room, on that gray couch. The emotional throwback last week, Veki is preparing for Saturday and I have to prepare well for the role as the loudest cheerleader in Kaliningrad!"

Among the enthusiastic commentators was HRT's Tončica Čeljuska, who said: "Franka is such a beautiful person, conquers with wonderful energy and simplicity. Talented and warm. A lovely couple." The singer thanked her for her beautiful words.

More and more louder is the rumor that the couple will marry after their six-year relationship this summer in Franka's hometown, Istria. The date is not yet known though, as the main focus at the moment is Vedran's performance with Croatia in the World Cup.

Franka also hinted at the possibility of starting a family with Vedran in the near future, saying: "I have a dog, but my mother's feelings are appearing. I love kids, but I do not have a plan or program. I think life does not have to be planned in such a way".

We wish that all her dreams will come true! In the mean time, let's reminisce back to her Eurovision performance:

So could we be seeing the wedding of Franka and Vedran any time soon? Or maybe we'll be seeing baby Franka's and baby Vedran's running around soon?

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