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Will Ferrell To Star In A Netflix Movie About The Eurovision Song Contest

One wouldn't generally associate a Hollywood A-lister with Eurovision, but this is all set to change. The man responsible for Anchorman and Elf, to name a couple of his films, has recently stated that he is to co-write along with Andrew Steele a feature film, called 'Eurovision- The Movie' which is set to be produced, and aired by Netflix.

Will Ferrell has stated that the genre will be comedy which is something he is most famous for, and it looks like Eurovision will be set for another re-boot. The famous contest, already has a concert, and a musical. So why not a movie?

According to the website Deadline, other names set to work on the show are Jessica Elbaum, and Adam McKay, who will produce the film. Surely, there can be no doubt that some Eurovision stars may also have a chance for an acting debut in the film.

At this year's competition he was spotted in Lisbon, and around the contest itself, where many of the performers were lucky enough to have met, and have their picture taken with him. The Hollywood star, was said to have stated that he was a big fan of the competition which would have explained his presence at the event. However, with this recent news, it would seem that Will was there to do a little research, as well as enjoy the fruits of Eurovision's finest.

It is believed that Will's, Swedish wife first got him into the competition back in 1999, where co-incidentally Charlotte Nilsson (now known as Perrelli) won for Sweden that very year. He stated that since his first viewing, "I continue to follow this music contest that I find really interesting. It's often eccentric and original".

More details will likely be released as filming gets under way, but it will surely be a film that will peek the interest of many Eurovision fans. Do you like the idea of "Eurovision- The Movie" ? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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