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What Does the Future Hold for Mikolas Josef?

Mikolas Josef had much success at this year’s Eurovision securing 6th place overall- the best result that the Czech Republic has ever had by far (with Gabriela Guncikova being the only other Czech participant to qualify). However, Mikolas’ Eurovision experience has helped him to achieve much more than an admirable placing- on the 4th April Mikolas took to Instagram to announce that he had been signed by RCA Records, owned by Sony Music, and was the first person from the Czech Republic ever to do so.

This rising star will now be amongst the likes of Zayn, Justin Timberlake and Craig David to name but a few- in addition to Eleni Foureira (Cyprus’ representative this year) who has also recently signed an international record deal. This is an impressive step for Mikolas Josef who has gone from being an independent artist having to organise, direct and perform in his own music videos to having the support of a large label like Sony.

Mikolas claims that he really does have his Eurovision experience to thank for his success as he was first spotted by Sony performing in Vidbir (Ukraine’s national selection process) and has since accumulated a rather large fan base- with 444k followers on Instagram currently; quite spectacular compared to his 5,000 followers a mere 6 months ago.

Following his major success from Eurovision, Mikolas is now moving to L.A. where more opportunities to work with some of the best people in the industry await him. Mikolas has also confirmed that he will have a collab. session with Benjamin Ingrosso (Sweden’s 2018 Eurovision representative) whilst in L.A.

Despite having produced songs previously such as ‘Believe’ and ‘Free’, Mikolas’ Eurovision entry ‘Lie to Me’ is his first song to become internationally known, and it would be fair to say that the response to the song has been very positive- it hit the ‘Spotify Top 50’ in 14 countries across Europe as well as already being played in major music stations in Germany and Austria (with more to come with the support and promotion of Sony).

Quite surprisingly, Mikolas’ main demographic is in Spain, according to Spotify, which is more than in his home country of Czech Republic (as evidenced when the crowd went crazy for him in the Madrid pre-party). Hence, Mikolas Josef’s new project, as announced by him on Instagram on the 17th May, is to produce a Spanish version of ‘Lie to Me’. However, this is not the only song Mikolas has on the way; he has confirmed that he will release a new single after the summer (so that ‘Lie to Me’ gets enough time to thrive) and he plans on releasing his debut album in a years’ time.

Mikolas is clearly a very hard-working and talented individual who has a promising career ahead - and Eurovision was the perfect way to kick-start it.

Check out our interview with Mikolas in Lisbon below:

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