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Wales Confirms Participation For Eurovision Choir Of The Year 2019

Although Europe has to wait another year for Eurovision Choir of The Year, the welsh national broadcaster for Wales, S4C, has today confirmed that they intend to compete at next years competition. The broadcaster has also stated that they intend to chose their next participant through a televised show.

Although, part of the UK, Wales seem to be going it alone, and doing well at the competition. last month, S4C announced that they would debut at the Junior Eurovision 2018, and last year saw them take part in the first ever Eurovision Choir of the Year, in which Côr Merched Sir Gâr were runners up. It was inevitable, that the small principality would want to emulate on that success, and perhaps go one better next year.

The broadcaster will follow last years selection process and use Côr Cymru 2019 to select its participant. S4C have established that they have five categories that they want in the televised show. This gives the chance for Wales to broadcast, and show different talent from a diverse range of singers. The five categories are as follows:

Show Choirs

Equal Voice Choirs (Either Male or Female)

Mixed Voice Choirs

Children's under 16 Choir

Under 25 Youth Choirs

The land of song has certainly set a precedence, and has a lot to live up to. Even shows such as Britain's Got Talent has seen Welsh choirs flourish, with the likes of 'Only Boys Aloud' and 'Côr Glanaethwy' heading to the finals. S4C has set a deadline of up until September 28th for those interested in participating to register their interest with the broadcaster.

It is expected that the next contest be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, which will assure a Swedish first participation. Along with Sweden, Romania has already expressed an interest at all debuting at the next edition.

Plans seem to be in full swing for the next contest. Could Wales go one better and win next year? Stay tuned to find out. Pob Lwc Cymru!!!

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