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The 'MIRACLE' Has Arrived

Last year's Serbian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, Tijana Bogićević, has recently published her first album entitled "Miracle". On this occasion she brought together colleagues and associates in order to present to them the sound of her new songs.

The guests and media representatives were entertained with live performances, where there was a particularly emotional moment when the talented performer sang her biggest hit, "Tražim".

Tijana's authentic appearance, and stunning vocal abilities have long been known to the audience around the Balkans, which now for the first time have the opportunity to enjoy her entire musical opus, unified in the album that brings together twelve songs.

The album which can be found through her official site here, features 4 completely new songs, 4 songs that were previously released as singles and 4 songs that were only performed live but now have their official recording. The album has been highly praised, and was released at the end of May .

Enjoy some of Tijana's new songs right now!

Fans will remember that the talented singe represented Serbia last with her song, "In Too Deep" which was performed in the second semi final. Unfortunately she narrowly missed out on a final place where she scored 98 points, placing 11th. A further 4 more points, would have meant Tijana qualified.

Have you heard the new album yet? If not check some of the songs above and tell us what you think of them.

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