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Mikolas Josef Makes it onto Forbes’ ‘Most Inspirational People’ List

Despite working tirelessly in the run-up to Eurovision, the hard work hasn’t stopped for this years’ Czech Republic representative, Mikolas Josef. He announced on Instagram today that he has been named as one of the most inspirational people this year by Czech Republic’s Forbes Magazine. In this rather emotional and sentimental post he explained how he appreciates the difficulties he has had to face and “would never wish for things to be any different than they were”.

It would be fair to say that this is a very apt title for Mikolas as, throughout his life, he has had to deal with many challenges such as struggling to fund his music career on “zero budget”, which was not kick-starting in the way he wanted it to, as well as battling depression. The up-tempo and funky song ‘Lie to Me’ that we all know and love actually started as quite a different song; it originally was a slow ballad created when Mikolas felt down but later evolved to a dance track as he wanted to think more positively and move on from an upsetting break-up with a long-term girlfriend. Now Mikolas truly inspires his fast-growing fan-base through always sharing messages focusing on positivity, resilience and perseverance.

Life has also not been plain sailing for his parents who, as explained within today’s post, “couldn’t afford Sunar (baby food)” for Mikolas. He also shared his admiration for his parents in a previous post where he said that, when he got his first bed at the age of 8, his “Mom and Dada went on, sleeping on the floor”. Mikolas clearly doesn’t see himself as being the person who is inspirational, rather his parents, as he is very thankful for the life they provided for him despite their many difficulties and admitted that “I would never think the way I think if it wasn’t for seeing you two dealing with life.”

Mikolas then ended the heart-warming post by directly talking to his parents, saying that “we are still at the very start. Your son M” – proof that despite his new-found fame, Mikolas has not forgotten where he has come from and remains thankful for all of his parents’ support.

You can take a look at Mikolas' full post below:

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