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Yianna Terzi Releases An English Version Of 'Oniro Mou'

Greece may have not got the result that they were expecting, and deserved. However, this has not stopped their Eurovision entrant Yianna Terzi from releasing an English version of the entry "Oniro Mou", entitled "Eternity". Released by her record label 'PanikRecords Tube' on YouTube over 8 hours ago, it has amassed over 33 thousand hits. Check out the song, with lyrics below:

The video contains a picture of two arms, and hands holding on, and as the title would suggests for eternity. It is also accompanied by English lyrics, that show how amazing Yianna's unmistakably beautiful voice is. Although, there is no video, the song is just as Greek, but is also just a powerful. With lyrics describing, "I would never run away from you, cause my heart will not give up on you". It would be very difficult indeed to ignore the strong sense of belonging she describes.

It was announced in February that Yianna would be flying the flag for Greece this year, after she was the only artist of four who met the criteria set by broadcaster ERT. Although, a fantastic entry, she fell at the first hurdle, and is only the second artist from the country that has failed to qualify for the Grand Final. On the night, the talented artist placed 14th with a total of 81 points. Check out her Eurovision performance here:

Do you think Greece would have qualified with the English version, "Eternity" ? Tell us which is your favourite version in the comments below.

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