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'Resignations And Sanctions' Are Demanded By Romania's TVR Board After It's Failed E

Strong words are coming from Romania's TVR Board who still seem to very unhappy that country did not qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in the nations history. Although, it has been nearly a month, it has been revealed in a not so secret behind closed doors meeting last week, that the management for the countries broadcaster are demanding, 'resignations and sanctions'.

Those high up are clearly unhappy with this result, and see it as something as an embarrassment for the country, and that those in charge, "did not rise to the level of an international competition". Although, it was supposed to be a secret meeting, it has not stopped the minutes from leaking out, and staff members being told of what was said.

The board also stated that they were disappointed that TVR did not admit defeat, but decided to shift the blame on to some countries who experienced televoting difficulties, whilst more or less saying if that had not been the case they may have qualified. Admittedly the public vote scored a lot less, than the jury vote.

Check out "The Humans" Eurovision entry "Goodbye" here:

The TVR board have not blamed the band in the slightest for the disappointment, but instead pointed the finger at certain individuals, for choices that were made, and blamed a lot of what went wrong on choreography, and the costumes. They indicated that the same persons involved, should not do so again at future competitions. Thus, the recommendation for "resignations and sanctions" be made. Admittedly, dozens of mannequins wearing masks, and rubber gear may not be considered the best choice for the song that was sung.

They also suggested that a review of Romania's participation would be held, and that "good strategies and consistent investment" would be needed. Highlighting, that more money may need to be spent if the country is to avoid further disappointment. The board also added that the results of the review would lead to the establishment of better practices for future participations.

Romania have been present at Eurovision since 1993, and have always been at the Grand final, managing to qualify each year that a semi final was held. This year, saw the country along with Russia, and Azerbaijan fail to continue their 100% qualification record. As it stands, the Ukraine is the only country to have qualified from each semi final. "The Humans" were the countries 2018 entrant with the song, "Goodbye". They sang at the second semi final, and narrowly missed out on a place in the final. They came 11th with 107 points, 5 more and they would have qualified over Hungary. They scored better with the juries gaining 67 points, whilst the public vote prevented them from qualifying, as they only got 40 points.

Do you agree with the comments made? Do you think Romania should have qualified? Please tell us your opinions in the comments below.

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