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Conchita Dazzles With Her New Look

Austria this week put on another spectacular show to mark life ball 2018. The show which has been held since 1992 is Europe's biggest charity event that sponsors people with HIV, and Aids. The event that has been going on for over 25 years has certainly seen some varied shows that really sets the trend, and welcomes everyone regardless of their gender of sexual orientation. 2018 was no different, and this year saw Eurovision Royalty Conchita Wurst sport a brand new look.

Eurovision's former winner had gone from brunette to blonde, and dazzled the red carpet giving her new look its first outing. Conchita even dyed her beard, making a joke that her new look resembled "Hulk Hogan realness". This has prompted over 27,000 people to like the post, with followers declaring that she was the "Queen of Fabulous".

Conchita's Instagram Post Declaring "Hulk Hogan Realness"

This years theme of Life Ball was very Austrian indeed, and was suitably based on the musical, "The Sound Of Music", which saw Conchita play Maria Von Trapp. The show seemed to be a Eurovision affair that contained other Eurovision artists such as Nathan Trent from 2017 (Austria) , and Zoe from 2016 (Austria).

This has not been the first time that Conchita has been present at the event, and is long time supporter of it, as the charity is very close to her heart. Check out her performance below:

Conchita gained fame and notoriety after winning the Eurovision song Contest in 2014, considered initially as an underdog, the young singer rose "like a phoenix" to win the competition. In doing so she cemented her place in many people's hearts, and showed that Europe was a more tolerant, and diverse place.

Do you prefer Conchita as a blonde or a brunette? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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