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Love Eurovision? Join Eurovoxx!

If you are a fan of Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, and looking for a way to cure your PED (Post Eurovision Depression) then have you considered joining a Eurovision team?

Here at Eurovoxx, we are looking for new members from around the world to join our fun and friendly team! We are still relatively new to the scene, but have now successfully covered Eurovision in Kyiv 2017 and Lisbon 2018, and also Junior Eurovision in Tbilisi 2017, and we are looking for new members to help us grow!

We are currently looking for writers who can help us report on the latest news, reviews, national selections and other live events.

We are also looking for social media experts, and technical/website experts.

Carry on reading below for some answers to questions you may have, and to find out how you can join and get involved!

What does it take to be a member?

All we ask is that you are motivated, friendly, proactive and committed. We also ask that you are able to write fluently in the English language.

How much time do I have to give?

We understand that everyone is able to commit at various different levels, and give varying amounts of time. We all do this for the love of the contest, and all have 'real lives' and commitments outside of Eurovision.

What's it like to be a member?

Well my not hear from the team themselves!

''Being part of Eurovoxx is like finally finding that group of friends that never get tired of talking about Eurovision and actually know all the songs (unlike your non-Eurofan friends!) Being part of the team has allowed me to dedicate a big part of my time to Eurovision. I even got to cover the contest on location this year in Lisbon, with access to the press centre, interviews and more! It was amazing. I can't wait to do it again, and work with #TeamEurovoxx during the year to bring more content on my favourite show!'' Clara, Deputy Editor - Video Content (Spain)

''Everyone in the team is friendly and always help me when I need it. I am Bulgarian, and being part of the team has also helped me improve my English a lot, and gives me the chance to write aboout Eurovision news and artists. My writing skills weren't so good in the beginning, but being part of the team has helped me improve with support from everyone.'' Victor, Writer (Bulgaria)

''For me the Eurovoxx team is both friendly and flexible. As a part of the team one can contribute as much effort as they can, but also has the opportunity to try different areas to work in - social media, videos or writing'' Emilie, Writer (Finland)

Can I attend live events?

Accreditation's at live events are always limited, and the Editor-in-Chief will always have the final decision on who will attend which events, based on skills and contributions, so there is never any guarantee. However we always try to secure as many accreditations as possible for all live events.

What else can I get involved in?

Depending on skills and contribution, there may also be opportunites to be involved in videos for our YouTube channel, live interviews, written interviews, social media and more!

How do I join?

It's easy! Contact us here and tell us about yourself, but make sure you include:

- Your name

- Where you are from

- Why you would like to join our team

- How you would like to contribute

- What skills and experience you can bring to the team

We will respond to all applications we receive, and may ask for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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