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JESC 2018 | Anna Filipchuk will represent Russia at Junior Eurovision 2018

Anna Filipchuk has been chosen to represent Russia at the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Belarus with her song "Nepobedimy" (Invincible).

A total of 12 acts took part in the national final, held at the Artek Camp in Crimea, with Anna being declared the winner by a mix of 50% jury vote and 50% public online vote. The jury was made up of:

  • Igor Krutoy, Ukrainian-Russian music composer, performer and producer

  • Larisa Dolina, Azerbaijani-Russian singer and actress

  • Nikolai Baskov, Russian tenor

  • Oleg Gazmanov, Russian pop singer

  • Polina Bogusevich, Junior Eurovision 2017 winner for Russia

  • Sergey Lazarev, Eurovision 2016 participant for Russia

The public online vote opened last weekend and stayed open until June 2. These were the results of the public online vote, from first to last place:

  • Anna Filipchuk – "Nepobedimy" (Invincible)

  • Ivan Starikov – "Neutomimyye" (Tireless)

  • Dodostar – "Poslushay" (Listen)

  • Arkadiy Yevtushenko – "Ya zdes" (I’m here)

  • Matreshki – "Vse mezhdu nami" (All between us)

  • Aleksandra Kirilchuk – "Family Tree"

  • Evelina Mazurina – "Poy dushoy" (Sing your soul)

  • Tatyana Melnichenko – "Schastye na ladonyakh" (Happiness in the palm of your hands)

  • Mishel Zadorozhnaya – "Podelis mechtoy" (Share your dream)

  • Yelizaveta Kuklishina – "Mechta moya" (My dream)

  • Diana Smykova – "Barabum"

  • Anya Yakubuk – "Vselennaya" (Universe)

You can listen to the song on Sound Cloud via this link:

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