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SuRie Is "Taking It Over" With Her New Single

She told us storms don't last forever and despite a unwanted guest trying to steal her moment in the final of Eurovision when she represented the United Kingdom, SuRie has wasted no time in releasing her follow up single "Taking it Over"

SuRie, who is also currently touring the UK on her "Eurovision Unplugged" tour, released the song on midnight Mat 25th onto streaming platform devices, she had been hinting of some form of news or announcement over the last few days, counting down from five to one in a multitude of different ways on her social medias, but making the number the most noteworthy piece of the post.

"Taking It Over" is a step away from her Eurovision entry, where Storm is mid tempo upbeat style of rousing spirit and surviving the dark times and pushing through, "Taking It Over" seems to go down a gear or two, still in the mid tempo range, but a much more easy listening, relaxed indie style setting, almost intending to put the listener at ease, but still has the message, but this time telling the listener to take control and lead your own life.

Have you heard the single? If so what do you think? Let us know your thoughts and feelings on the song!

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